Crotch Guard Skin Care Oil 8 fl oz bottle


Crotch Guard Skin Care Oil was designed for cyclists to reduce friction and relieve chafing irritations. Unlike typical chamois products, Crotch Guard is not thick or messy. Crotch Guard is a silky oil that absorbs quickly and completely into the skin. Crotch guard will not stain clothing because the formula is “in” our skin, not “on” the skin. This method of action provides a clean and natural approach to the saddle.

The 8oz refill size bottle is capped with a pop-up pour spout to easily refill any size bottle. So you can continue to enjoy the ride!

Crotch Guard Authorized Reps click here

**Fine Mist Spray Applicator also Available – click  here for details


  • Hypo-Allergenic
  • Anti-Bacterial
  • Does NOT Contain Chemical Dyes or Colorings
  • Does NOT Contain Fragrance
  • Absorbs Quickly and Completely


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Bottle Capped with Pop Up Pour Spout for Easy Refills

** Fine Mist Spray Applicator also available for the 8 fl oz bottle. Click here for details.

Factory Sealed For Your Protection
Hygienically Sound Application
Convenient Refill Size
No Animals Were Harmed In The Development Of This Product
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Weight 16.0 oz
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5 reviews for Crotch Guard Skin Care Oil 8 fl oz bottle

  1. Administrator

    “No product has had such a positive effect on my cycling as Crotch Guard “- Gary Schroeder, Cycle Tech Review

  2. Administrator

    “The Crotch Guard made it through a four hour ride without need for re-application. I was blown away—it’s worth every penny to me!” – Jen,

  3. Administrator

    “Say hello to Crotch Guard and say goodbye to chafing!” – Brian Goldman, Real Runner Reviews

  4. Administrator

    I wanted to extend a big thank you on behalf of Epic Racing Cycling Team for the shipment of Crotch Guard trial size bottles earlier this year. My EPIC Racing Team members and I have had great results with Crotch Guard last season. We have not found any product that protects as long with a single application. This is by far the best product we have ever used in rainy/muddy conditions prevalent in the Pacific North West.


    Marc Garoutte
    EPIC Racing Team Manager

  5. Administrator

    “first 100 mile ride with crotchguard doing what it does best making the ride even more enjoyable. Why wouldn’t you use it :-)” –

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