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Hello and welcome to Dermatect, we are so pleased to introduce to you our line of ultra pure skin care oils!


Dermatect Skin Care Oil, our name-sake product was formulated to relieve skin irritations resulting from the harmful effects of radiation and laser treatments. The fine mist of the spray pump has a great cooling effect against laser skin burn. The glistening oil restores the moisture content to strengthen the external layers of skin, rejuvenating the skin to a healthy glow.

Crotch Guard Skin Care Oil was developed for cyclists to reduce friction and eliminate chafing irritations. Unlike other products, Crotch Guard is not thick, or messy. The silky oil absorbs into the skin resulting in a clean and natural approach to the saddle. The formula will not stain clothing simply because it is “in” your skin, not “on” it. Once absorbed the formula will surround and strengthen cellular membranes. Supporting skin at the cellular level provides an effective defense against saddle pressure and the constant rubbing against the bicycle seat during the up and down motion of the pedal stroke. The anti-bacterial properties prohibit unwanted bacterial growth, preventing redness, infection and saddle sores.

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Amputect Skin Care Oil was produced for patients who wear prosthetic devices to improve skin conditions and reduce unwanted bacterial growth and odor that can occur within the socket of the artificial limb or brace. In this sensitive application, the purity level and non-irritating properties can be used with all liner types. Due to its composition, the oil spreads easily resulting in a secure and comfortable fit of the prosthetic device or brace. Granting assurance and encouraging patients to continue to lead productive and active lifestyles.

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AMPUTECT 4 fl oz

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