Amputect Skin Care Oil 8 fl oz bottle


Developed to improve skin conditions for amputee patients so that they and their families may continue to lead a quality of life without limits. Strengthening the outer skin layer creates a defensive barrier against pressure ulcers, skin breakdown and infection. The antibacterial properties of Amputect Skin Care Oil reduce rash irritations and embarrassing odor from trapped bacterial laced perspiration in the tightly fitted socket of the prosthesis. The silky oil spreads easily and will absorb completely into the skin for a comfortable fit of the artificial limb or brace.

This refill size bottle is capped with a pop-up pour spout to easily refill any size bottle.


Does NOT contain Chemical Dyes
Does NOT contain Fragrance
Absorbs Quickly & Completely
Safe to use with Silicone, Gel and a variety of liner formats

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Factory Sealed For Your Protection
Hygienically Sound Application
Fine Mist Spray Application
Convenient Refill Size
No Animals Were Harmed In The Development Of This Product
Please Recycle

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Weight 16.0 oz
Dimensions 6.0 × 9.0 × 2.0 in


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