Crotchguard Skin Care Oil 4 fl oz bottle

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Crotch Guard Skin Care Oil was designed for cyclists to reduce friction, chafing and rash irritations. Unlike typical chamois creams, the product is not thick or greasy, it will absorb completely into the skin for a clean and natural approach to the saddle. Once absorbed the formula surrounds and strengthens cellular membranes just as the cement mortar surrounds and strengthens bricks in a brick wall. This method of action supports the skin and permits an extended time in the saddle. This method of action is unique to Crotch Guard.

This is Serious Protection for Serious Cyclists!!

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Each bottle contains 4 fluid ounces with a fine mist fingertip spray closure. The mist has a great cooling effect against the surface of irritated skin, and the pump control avoids messy drips and wasteful spills. This enclosure was sealed in the lab during formulation and guarantees a hygienically sound application every time!

  • Hypo-Allergenic
  • Anti-Bacterial
  • Absorbs Quickly & Completely
  • Does NOT contain Chemical Dyes
  • Does NOT contain Fragrance


  • Factory Sealed For Your Protection
  • Hygienically Sound Application
  • Fine Mist Spray Application
  • No Animals Were Harmed In The Development Of This Product
  • Please Recycle

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Weight 10.0 oz
Dimensions 6.0 × 9.0 × 2.0 in

12 reviews for Crotchguard Skin Care Oil 4 fl oz bottle

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    Hey #cyclists check out what the fantastic folks at Cycling Bike Bible have to say about Crotch Guard

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    Thank you Greg Lyons for the fantastic review all the way from Malaysia! #cyclists #cyclist check it out here:

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    #cyclists #cyclist Protect your Potatoes! check out a recent review for Crotch Guard Skin Care oil from Team Trivelo.

    find them on twitter @trivelo_bikes – RT and follow to win a 4oz bottle of Crotch Guard – get some!

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    real user feedback: “the parcel arrived last week, thank you very much. I tried it on a ride last weekend and it worked superbly! I will definitely be using it over creams from now on as well as telling my friends to give it a try :).


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    “after trying your generous free sample of Crotch Guard. I am totally sold on your product and eager to be an ambassador to get the word out. This is really great stuff!” – David Bailey, Tarmac Cycling

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    “Well I think I have found a product that has changed my life, I can now ride over 100 miles and feel relaxed knowing I’ve not developed the saddle rash I usually feel.” – Del Mottershaw,

  7. Administrator (verified owner)

    “On both 40 mile rides the oil performed very well. Not only did it easily last for the duration of my outings, but I didn’t suffer discomfort or irritation during or after the rides. Also, the oil left no marks or residue on the pad in my bib-tights like some creams which was good proof that it had full absorbed into the skin” – Lex, All About the Ride

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    Keeping cyclists in the saddle all over the globe!

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    #cyclists #cycling check out another fantastic review from the #UK “I was blown away!… It was the most comfortable ride I’d ever had.”

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    “I’ve started using Crotch Guard and it’s been a revelation, it’s great news to have a UK distributor” — David Adams on @BikeBizOnline

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    Thank you Endurance Review! “All I care is that it works—and the Crotch Guard works really well. I’m hooked.”

  12. (verified owner)

    I received a free sample at a gran fondo in North Carolina 3 years ago. Gave it a try and glad I did. Now living in Idaho where the summers are also sweltering, although much drier. I apply pre-ride & post-shower as recommended. No skin issues at all. I do centuries each weekend, mtn bike during week, gravel also. I used to use bag balm as it also lasts all day, however as petroleum based it ruins a chamois over time and won’t wash out. And it’s weirdly greasy, this stuff isn’t at all. Can’t even really tell you’re using it other than your skin stays happy. Give it a try!

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