Dermatect Skin Care Oil 1 fl oz bottle


Specifically formulated to relieve skin irritations including laser burn, swelling and blistering resulting from the harmful effects of radiation therapy and laser treatments. Dermatect Skin Care Oil soothes skin burn and moisturizes the surface of the skin improving the skins natural and protective barrier function. This one (1) oz bottle is lightweight and convenient to be used as part of your daily moisturizing routine.

Each bottle contains 1 fl oz with a fine mist fingertip spray closure. The mist has a great cooling effect against the surface of irritated skin, and the pump control avoids messy drips and wasteful spills.

  • Hypo-Allergenic
  • Anti-Bacterial
  • Does NOT contain Chemical Dyes
  • Does NOT contain Fragrance
  • Does NOT Contain Preservatives
  • Safe for daily use
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  • Factory Sealed For Your Protection
  • Hygienically Sound Application
  • Fine Mist Spray Application
  • Convenient Travel Size
  • No Animals were Harmed In The Development Of This Product
  • Please Recycle


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