Amputect Skin Care Oil Sample Package


Created for patients who wear prosthetic devices to improve skin conditions and reduce unwanted bacterial growth and odor that can occur within the socket. The bacteriostatic effects have been tested to last for up to 8 hours. In this sensitive application, the purity level and non-irritating properties are essential to the overall well being of the skin. Our Sample Kit provides two (2) packets along with an informational post card.

Designed for a single use application, each packet contains 2ml of product saturating a cotton towelette wipe.

  • Hypo-Allergenic
  • Anti-Bacterial
  • Does NOT contain Chemical Dyes
  • Does NOT contain Fragrance
  • Does NOT Contain Preservatives
  • Safe to use with Silicone, Gel and a variety of liner formats
SKU: 0203