Watch out UK !

Crotch Guard coming at ya! Crotch Guard to bring relief to UK cyclists — BikeBiz (@BikeBizOnline) March 14, 2016

Crotch Guard & Cycling Hub TV

Cyclists get 20% OFF a 4oz bottle of Crotch Guard Skin Care Oil – use code: HUB20 video – Protecting Your Crotch Since 2014 | HUB20 via @YouTube — Crotch Guard (@crotch_guard) February 20, 2016



We are giving away FREE PRODUCT!  Thats right!  Ultra Pure Crotch Guard Skin Care Oil for FREE! Designed for cyclists to reduce friction and eliminate chafing irritations.   When a cyclists inner thigh rubs against the saddle during the pedal stroke, it creates friction against the top layers of skin, eventually rubbing the skin raw. These breaks inContinue Reading